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verbo transitivo  


Definición 1

Trace symbols representing word(s), especially with pen or pencil on paper.

Fuente: Invertext, from Concise Oxford Dictionary

Contexto: Drawing motivates children to want to write and strengthens the pencil skills used in writing.

Fuente: drawyourworld.com

Definición 2

Compose for written or printed reproduction or publication, put into literary form and set down in writing, be engaged temporarily or permanently in such composition, compose books, etc., well, badly, etc.

Fuente: Concise Oxford Dictionary

Contexto: The physicist Stephen Hawking is so severely disabled that he can only move a few muscles in his face, yet he holds down a job as professor of mathematics at Cambridge University, continues his research into theoretical physics, writes books, delivers lectures and still finds time to appear on The Simpsons.

Fuente: Financial Times 19/04/2008 (Richard Tomkins)

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