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Definición 1

Case or instance of thing being read.

Fuente: Invertext

Contexto: The 322-page report [on the Fibermark Chapter 11 filing ]by Harvey Miller, bankruptcy expert and venerable vice-chairman of New York-based Greenhill & Co, has become required reading among lawyers, trustees, credit agencies and others involved in the US corporate bankruptcy scene.

Fuente: Financial Times 19/05/2008 (Andrew Baxter)

Definición 2

Periodic observation, annotation or level of a changing record.

Fuente: Invertext

Contexto: The index’s February reading is 9.2 per cent higher than its 88.4 level in the same month last year.

Fuente: Financial Time 27/03/2012 (Anjli Raval in New York)

Definición 3

Interpretation, view taken (of thing).

Fuente: Invertext, from Concise Oxford Dictionary

Contexto: Scott O’Malia, a CFTC commissioner who opposed the plan, questioned why the commission "chose a limited two-tier approach that relies upon a narrow reading of the statute and a broad reading of an aspiration that, if adopted, will actually diminish the overarching goal of promoting the trading of swaps on SEFs".

Fuente: Financial Times 09/12/2009 (Michael Mackenzie and Aline van Duyn in New York)

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