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verbo transitivo  


Definición 1

Get round, get through, avoid, elude.

Fuente: Invertext

Contexto: MGPA asserts that its stable management team, a pioneer in such global property investing, helped navigate hiccups including the dotcom crash and Asia's Sars crisis.

Fuente: Financial Times 23/02/2010 (Sundeep Tucker in Hong Kong)

Definición 2

Pilot (ship, plane, raft, craft, etc.) on, in, across, from, to, etc., or absolutely.

Fuente: Invertext, from Concise Oxford Dictionary

Contexto: The Vikings even navigated their ships down river from the Baltic to the Black Sea.

Fuente: The Politics of Organized Crime and the Organized Crime of Politics: a Study, Alfredo Schulte-Bockholt

Definición 3

Cross, traverse, explore (place, passage, etc.) aboard a vessel or craft.

Fuente: Invertext, from Concise Oxford Dictionary

Contexto: From the 7th century A.D., the Vikings navigated the Atlantic.

Fuente: alternative-solution.org

Definición 4

Of users of Internet, explore, search, using links to move from site to site or page to page.

Fuente: Invertext

Contexto: I ask audience members to raise their hands if their organisation’s intranet is easier to search and navigate than the public internet.

Fuente: Financial Times 09/12/2009 (Andrew McAfee)

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