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Definición 1

Of club, association, etc., that tends or pretends to exclude, select.

Fuente: Invertext

Contexto: Fictitious it may be, but the Riot club [in the play 'Posh' by Laura Wade] clearly resembles the Bullingdon, the ultra-exclusive club at Oxford University that counts among its former members David Cameron, the leader of the Conservative party.

Fuente: Financial Times 09/04/2010 (Sarah Hemming)

Definición 2

Of service available for public hire, special, more attentive.

Fuente: Invertext, from Concise Oxford Dictionary

Contexto: All-business class is a brave attempt to tempt high-value passengers with lower fares and more exclusive service.

Fuente: Financial Times 13/04/2008 (editorial)

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