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Act or effect of to capitalise in the five uses contained therein.

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Contexto: 1. ...physically productive goods (including persons) alone are to be included in the capitalisation out of which capital value emerges. (socserv.mcmaster.ca) 2. Capitalisation consists of the award of a lump sum to compensate the injured person for successive periods of future loss. (Marco Bona, Philip Mead, Katherine Allen - Law - 2003; books.google.es). 3. Whilst the revised TI increases the minimum limit of assets to be recorded on an asset register from $1,000 to $5,000, the issue of expensing versus capitalisation of an asset is an accounting issue outside the scope of this legislation. 4. Is capitalisation of reserves and issuance of shares possible under the new Act? (www.sundayobserver.lk). 5. Capitalisation of interest is the conversion of scheduled (due or in arrears) or late interest payments into debt. (stats.oecd.org)

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