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verbo intransitivo  


Definición 1

Obtain an advantage from.

Fuente: Invertext

Contexto: We find empirical evidence that the Chinese banking system has benefited from the entry of foreign investors through higher profitability and increased efficiency of the banking system.

Fuente: www.bis.org


If it is difficult to separate the meaning of the noun benefit from the noun profit, it is equally hard in the case of the verbs. In very general terms, to benefit from something means to obtain an advantage that does not translate into pecuniary gain. The problem is that the verb to profit can be used in precisely this way. For instance, children are frequently encouraged to profit from their reading or their studies, and this does not mean they should sell their books. All these difficulties, incidentally, are another reason why the verb earn and the noun earnings are making such headway in the accounting and business worlds. They are both clearly indicative of pecuniary gain but have none of the stigma attaching to profit.

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