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transitive verb  


Definition 1

Utter (words, sounds, etc.) with shrill cry of pain, anger, fright or enthusiasm, high-pitched shout or uncontrollable burst of laughter.

Source: Invertext, from Concise Oxford Dictionary

Context: As the crowd yells its approval, hawkers weave their way through, offering CDs of Femi's popular album, Shoki Shoki.

Source: Financial Times 29/09/2010 (Parselelo Kantai)


Yell is also used intransitively, in the sense of shouting or crying out very loudly (Invertext, from Concise Oxford Dictionary), e.g. "Many of these questions were disallowed by the judge, who often yelled at Mr Lakhtin to control himself." - Financial Times 12/08/2010 (Catherine Belton in Moscow)

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