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transitive verb  


Definition 1

Give or get money change for.

Source: Concise Oxford Dictionary

Context: When I stopped the car, I realised that I did not have any change for the parking machine and so we went to the shop to change a note.


Definition 2

Give or get one currency in exchange for another.

Source: Invertext, from Concise Oxford Dictionary

Context: It is the fees we pay when we change pounds to euros that provides them [banks] with some of their income.


Definition 3

Trade, exchange (vouchers, guarantees, etc.).

Source: Invertext

Context: We changed clothes, then joined Susan and Kate and walked down to the Phoenix, where we changed our vouchers for seats (in the stalls) for [the Shakespeare play] Richard II.


Definition 4

Replace (thing).

Source: Invertext

Context: How do I change the bulb in the Hampton Bay model 54SHRL?


Definition 5

Take another instead of.

Source: Concise Oxford Dictionary

Context: Sir, Christopher Caldwell quotes Bill Clinton saying: "The average worker will change jobs six or seven times in a lifetime."

Source: Financial Times 01/08/2009

Appears in the following subjects

Stock Markets, Banking