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transitive verb  


Definition 1

In reference to the bench of a medieval changer or lender of money when declared insolvent, wreck, destroy.

Source: Invertext

Context: When he [the moneylender] was no longer able to continue in business because of shortage of funds, his bench was broken [...] and he was referred to as a 'bancarotta', literally 'bench broken'.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer 16/03/2001

Definition 2

Of a whole, make discontinuous otherwise than by cutting, divide into two or more parts, fracture.

Source: Concise Oxford Dictionary

Context: They [the Japanese in 1941] threw the bishop of Singapore out of the window and broke his leg.

Source: Financial Times 17/04/2010 (letter to the editor from Dr Peter T. Chopping)

Definition 3

Disrupt, upturn, render penetrable (ground, for seeds, shoots, humidity, etc.).

Source: Invertext

Context: The difference between a ranch and a farm: ranches have fields for grazing; farmers break the ground for crops.


Definition 4

Transgress, violate, neglect (law, agreement, etc.).

Source: Concise Oxford Dictionary

Context: Royal Mail has meanwhile accused the union of breaking the agreement which ended the 2007 strike and of refusing to co-operate with modernisation.

Source: Financial Times 07/08/2009 (Jim Pickard)

Definition 5

Violate, exceed physical boundary.

Source: Invertext

Context: For most of my friends, breaking school bounds had an adventurous allure.

Source: Silent Struggle, Kosi Tette (Google Books)

Definition 6

Put an end to, terminate (monopoly, relationship, engagement, etc.).

Source: Invertext, from Concise Oxford Dictionary

Context: Mifid broke the monopoly of the region's established exchanges.

Source: Financial Times 29/11/2008 (Jeremy Grant)

Definition 7

Interrupt (process, state, etc.).

Source: Invertext

Context: Frank Warren, the founder of and the author of five best-selling books, has found ways to break the monotony of travelling two or three days a week for his speaking engagements.

Source: Financial Times 13/11/2009 (Johanna Kassel)

Definition 8

Fracture, breach, disorder (defences, ranks, etc.).

Source: Invertext

Context: In the night of 8-9 June, several German tanks broke the position of Major Brown.


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