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transitive verb  


Definition 1

Impersonal verb with the meaning be incumbent on, be appropriate, wise, opportune, advisable for (person or body) to do thing.

Source: Invertext, from Concise Oxford Dictionary

Context: I dove into my first marriage like a labrador into a swimming pool, and my sister pointed out that it might behove me, this time, to think about the history of this thing.

Source: Authoress Elizabeth Gilbert, talking to the FT correspondent Rose Jacobs 02/06/2008


Behove is an impersonal verb, i.e., it has no subject other than "it". However, it must have an object, e.g., me, you, him, people, everyone, etc. Also, "dove", pronounced as in "over", not "under", is brilliant, especially in the context, but users should be warned that this is a dialect form, both in the UK and the US. Common usage is "dived".

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