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be listed



Definition 1

Be set down in a special or official list (e.g. of cases for trial, of stocks, etc.)

Source: Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (adapted)

Context: A queue of businesses, including Carrefour of France, Tesco of the UK, Germany's Metro as well as BIM, a Turkish retailer, would be likely to consider acquiring Koc's 50.8 per cent stake in Migros, whose shares are listed on the Istanbul stock exchange with a total market capitalisation of $2.2bn.

Source: Financial Times 21/05/2007


The verb to list appears in this equivalence in the passive because the nearest and most widely used Spanish equivalent 'cotizar' is an intransitive verb taking 'acción' or 'valor', etc. as its subject. 'Acciones', 'valores', etc. are inanimate entities that for some unfathomable reason the English language does not consider capable of carrying out the complex task of obtaining for itself a market listing. In English shares and other securities traded on an organised market can rise or fall and they can and do float ... all the time, in fact. But while still floating they are extremely athletic. They can dive, hover, wobble, soar and plunge, to name but a few of their antics. They can also trade, no mean achievement for what is, today, a mere electronic book entry. But they cannot list and should they so list, e.g. "Telefónica's shares *list on the US exchange", it would signify to most English ears that they are in danger of sinking, something that neither the shares themselves nor the author of the sentence probably bargained on (see the fourth entry for this meaning of the verb to list). Thus, where the verb to list is used with reference to tradable securities becoming listed securities, the subject of the verb must be the owner of the securities, i.e., the company itself, the management of the market on which it is listed, or any member of the army of shareholders, presidents, CEOs, CFOs, executives, lawyers, bankers, registrars, notaries, analysts, pundits, newspaper editors and shareholder attention payers who participate in the operation in their different ways. But not the shares, which do not *list but are listed.

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