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attributable earnings


beneficio atribuido

Definition 1

In financial journalism or in glosses explaining the formal accounts, earnings attributable to holders of the common stock of the parent company.

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Context: A combination of recent acquisitions, favourable exchange-rate movements and higher prices for bulk commodities helped Rio Tinto to overcome lower prices for base metals last year, resulting in a 10% increase in attributable earnings to US$1.66 billion.


Definition 2

As a standalone item on a profit and loss statement, see note below.


Accounting rules in English-speaking countries do not normally accept the earnings, profit (income) attributable to a certain number or proportion of the shareholders of a consolidated group as constituting a recognised category of earnings, profit (income). Spanish accounting does, if not overtly, at least tacitly. Consequently, the standalone expression "attributable earnings" is in the majority of cases a word-for-word translation of the Spanish equivalent, of questionable meaning in English. Where the reporting company formally reports in Spanish and the English-language version is presented as a mere courtesy to non-Spanish speaking shareholders, no serious problem arises. However, in the case of ADRs trading on US exchanges, or where the company is actively seeking funds from English-speaking investors, to avoid unnecessary complications it is advisable to anglicise the expression, stating not simply that a proportion of earnings, profit (income) is attributable but to whom that proportion is attributable.


attributable profit 1 , attributable result 1

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