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transitive verb  


Definition 1

Take (idea, etc.) from someone else.

Source: Concise Oxford Dictionary

Context: "Last year, we adopted the view that it is suicidal to buy stocks with these massive yields because we aren't going to get paid," he [Robin Geffen, manager of Neptune's Income fund] said.

Source: Financial Times, 23/01/2009

Definition 2

Introduce (legislation) based on others' models.

Source: Invertext

Context: The member states of the Organisation for Economic Development and Co-operation (OECD) have since the late 1990s adopted laws banning companies from paying bribes overseas.

Source: Financial Times 25/09/2006

Definition 3

Simulate, acquire.

Source: Invertext

Context: In its declining phase, capitalism adopts the form of finance capital reluctant to undertake productive investment due to slow turnover and organised labour.

Source: Financial Times 17/10/2005

Definition 4

Choose from among various options available.

Source: Invertext, from Concise Oxford Dictionary

Context: Once approved, other countries adopted the model for their own guarantee schemes.

Source: Financial Times 22/10/2009 (Yasmin Lambert)

Definition 5

Take (person) into a relationship he did not previously occupy.

Source: Concise Oxford Dictionary

Context: If you adopt a child who is already in the Netherlands, you can simply get child benefit as if it were a child of your own.


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